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Provincial Government Programs

In Canada healthcare is provincially funded and therefore, each province will have different programs and services available for children and adults with CdLS.  We continue to learn more about each province/territory and the programs and services available to both children and adults with CdLS and their families.
* of note- most Provinces run a Cleft Palate and Lip Program either through a Children's Acute Care Hospital or Rehabilitation Hospital in which even those individuals with CdLS who do not have a Cleft Palate or Lip will qualify for free dental due to the oral, maxillo-facial differences associated with CdLS.

It can be challenging to navigate the various Ministries within Ontario depending on the age of your loved on end the services they require, often times needing services from various different ministries. n The Ontario the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services administers most of the services for Special Needs found here.

Special Services at Home (SSAH) - For children up to age 18. Not income based. Up to $5000 annually.  For information and how to apply go here.  

Coordinated Services Planning - funded by the LHIN and delivered by your LHIN's chosen service provider.  Each LHIN will choose a program provider.  Here you can find your LHIN's list of providers to get connected with Coordinated Service Planning.  We often find that many families are not aware of the services and funding available through this service. The Program Policy and Guidelines can be found here.

Home Care - provided by your local LHIN, call your local LHIN Care Coordinator

Family Managed Home Care - enables families to hire their own staff rather than those offered by the LHIN's home care providers to support their loved one at home with CdLS. Call your local LHIN Care Coordinator for information. Program document here.

Cleft Lip & Palate Program - CdLS is listed as a syndrome that qualifies in this program for ages 0-18.
This program is funded through the Ministry of Health & Long-Term care and information on coverage, specialists, as well as Ontario locations who deliver this program can be found here.

Passport Funding- Age 18 and up.  Maximum annual funding not based on income but on need is $35 000.00.  Start the process when your child turns 16 to ensure funding can begin at age 18, it is a process.  Information found here.

Ontario- Private funding & Services
Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity - provides financial assistance to Ontario residents with a combined family income of less than $65 000.00

Retraite Quebec - Supplement for Handicapped Children Requiring Exceptional Care

There are both federal and provincial/territorial funding programs available.  At times these can be difficult to navigate.  We continue to learn more about both federal and provincial/territorial support available for families impacted by CdLS.

Federal Government Programs

1. Canada Revenue Agency - Disability Tax Credit- find information here 
2. Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) - find the program document information here
3. Jordan's Principle (for First Nations families)- find our about the program and funding here

Private National Programs

Easter Seals Canada:
Eater Seals provides several programs and services across Canada.  They offer different programs and services depending on age and place of residence.  Here are some examples of programs and services they provide:
1.  Funding for incontinence supplies for Ontario residents ages 3-18 yo found here.
2.  Access 2 Pass - enables the admission of an adult to accompany a child with CdLS to movie theatres, local zoos etc.

3.  Various other programs and services.


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