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Our Services

We are available for individual families who are in need of support whether it be dealing with a new diagnosis, preparing for a medical appointment, a school meeting, or issues that require additional support. Our most common virtual consults are related to behaviour, reflux, accessing medical care, and general support. We support families in finding care and supports within their community. We support families of adolescents and adults to access CdLS experts at the US CdLS Clinic in Baltimore. We are also working with families to enable a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a CdLS Conference to meet other families and have their loved one be seen by clinical experts.

We are looking to expand our home visits from newly diagnosed families in Ontario to more broadly across Canada. Please reach out and we will make every effort to make this possible.  Families often find this helpful in the early days of a diagnosis of CdLS where the future can seem uncertain.

You can book a time below to access support.

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