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Mila is a beautiful brave 5 year old girl who was diagnosed with a change on the NIPBL gene at 3 months of age.  Mila is small in stature with small hands and feet, 5th digit clinodactily and a single palmar crease. She also has radio-ulnar synostosis, meaning her elbows do not extend completely.  She is non-verbal with global developmental delay. Her medical challenges include hypertension, chronic constipation, and mild hearing loss.​


One of the most lovable things about Mila is her courageous personality. Mila is very determined to learn new things and keep up with her older sister. Her stubbornness can be testing at times, but has played a huge a role in her own accomplishments. 


Mila loves listening to music, playing with her baby dolls and eating! 

(Written by Mila's mom Ariel)

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