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Meredith was diagnosed with CdLS at 6 months old. She has a change on the HDAC8 gene that causes CdLS.  Meredith was born weighing 5 lbs. with a cleft palate and really struggled to gain any weight.  She also has some hearing loss and just got new hearing aids that she loves. Meredith had her palate repaired at 18 months but it reopened, but she continues to eat well. Meredith is otherwise relatively healthy. She just started to have issues with acid reflux.  Meredith is struggling to walk on her own but walks well in her walker.  She prefers to stand or walk on her tippy toes at all times.  She does not like to be flat on her feet.  She is non-verbal for now but I believe she will learn to speak a few words. Meredith loves books, music, watching Nascar and Sesame Street. She also loves swimming and snuggling (when she feels like it).  Overall she is a happy sweet little girl. She likes to make people laugh and smile and loves to be gushed over.

(Written by Merideth's mom Tiffany)

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